Vision , Mission & Deliverables

About Us

main objective of Rao’s Group is to provide quality, comprehensive education that strengthens the students potentiality and to take timely decisions with strong convictions and develop inherent strategies and practice them to write, read and think.

Mr. Rao

Founder & Chairman

Mr. Nidhin Rao

Managing Director


The world is ever changing on a faster pace. We believe to make our students ready for FUTURE ADVANCEMENT technically, ethically and morally. We believe to make the children future global leaders.


Our mission is to provide quality education with moral values to the students and make them good global citizens.


To keep up with the latest technological advancement, we provide fully equipped Projector classrooms, COMPUTER lab, ROBOTICS lab. Rao’s Group is the only school organization with Robust AI (Artificial Intelligence) classroom and AI based Mobile APP is given to parents to analyse the child’s potential and weakness (scope for improvement). We believe to make the child more on “Think & Apply” rather than “Remember & Revert”. We believe student should be given opportunity to excel in his area of interest, so we encourage sports activities like archery, tennis, volleyball, basketball and other.