Kompally Branch

Discover INNOVIOUS international school , where excellence meets innovation in Kompally! Our USP lies in our unparalleled commitment to student success through:

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Our Facilities

Cutting-Edge Technology and Infrastructure

  • Immerse yourself in a dynamic learning environment with world-class facilities and state-of-the-art technology.

Expert Coaching in Diverse Sports

  • Elevate your athletic prowess with guidance from top-tier professional coaches across a range of sports, ensuring holistic development.

Extensive Library Resources

  • Dive into a wealth of knowledge with our well-stocked library, fueling intellectual curiosity and academic growth.

Focus on STEM Education

  • Prepare for tomorrow's challenges with comprehensive programs in robotics and coding, embracing the future of technology.

Holistic Development Assessment

  • Experience personalized growth with assessments covering academic, extracurricular, and personal domains, ensuring your well-being and progress.

CBSE Curriculum

  • Thrive academically with our rigorous CBSE-aligned curriculum, setting the foundation for success in higher education.

Innovative Digital Classrooms

  • Engage with interactive learning tools in modern, technology-based classrooms, enhancing understanding and visual attention.

Activity-Based Learning and Stress-Free Education

  • Learn through hands-on experiences and continuous comprehensive evaluation, fostering a stress-free educational journey.

Qualified Teachers

  • Benefit from our team of educators, all BEd, CTET, or pre-primary trained, dedicated to your academic and personal growth.

At INNOVIOUS International School, we're dedicated to nurturing well-rounded individuals who excel in all aspects of life. Join us on the journey to academic excellence and holistic growth!

Creative Arts and Aesthetic Skills

  • Cultivate your artistic talents with dance, music, pottery, art, and craft activities, enhancing your aesthetic skills and creativity.

Eco-Friendly Campus

  • Join our commitment to sustainability with a plastic-free, eco-friendly campus, promoting environmental stewardship.

Clubs and Houses

  • Engage in a vibrant community with various clubs and houses, fostering teamwork, leadership, and camaraderie.


Dhulapalli Branch

Prepare your child for both OFFLINE and ONLINE education, with innovative ONLINE TOOLS to watch, assess and monitor your child even in a better way.

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